Air Conditioners Repair and Services

Air conditioning has cemented itself as a critical part of our society. We, at Atlanta Air conditioning and repair services, are skilled and experienced in ensuring that your air conditioning unit is working properly and efficiently. We also perform installations on all major brands, and recommend the use of inverter styled air conditioners for maximum efficiency (where applicable). We also perform full servicing and repair of all Domestic and commercial air conditioning systems. We also do periodic preventative maintenance programs, customized for your requirements to ensure your air conditioner or climate control system is working at optimal levels.

Some of the items we address when conducting a service are:

* Check all filters, clean or quote the cost of replacement ( to ensure maximum air flow)
* Clean condensing or outdoor unit coils ( to ensure maximum air flow)
* Visually inspect all moving parts and make adjustments as required
* Check the operational status of any variable speed fan controllers
* Check refrigerant levels
* Visually check all electrical connections
* Inspect evaporator drains to ensure they drain away as required

We provide a full service report on each air conditioner checked, to ensure that our customer is fully aware of any potential problems and the general condition of their air conditioner.